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Monday, October 02, 2006

Hands/Eyes Free on Windows Mobile 5.0

Fonix recently announced VoiceCenter 3.1 for Windows Mobile 5.0 - coming to your smartphone soon for only 40 bucks! According to Fonix VP Walt Nawrocki, "speech recognition is a 'must have' to avoid tedious menus and button pressing." So just what is he saying here? Navigating the Windows Mobile 5.0 UI shell involves a bunch of tedious menus and buttons and badly needs a fix? Or, is there a deeper issue here... small mobile devices are inherently difficult for humans to interface with due to their small craniums and large paws?

spkydog would suggest in the case of Windows Mobile 5.0 there is a little of both going on here. One could argue that iPod user's aren't clamoring for speech interface, but than again iPods have fairly narrow functionality, while smart phones support a wide range of functionality.

Perhaps a more interesting question is whether or not the iPhone will need a speech interface... anybody care to make a guess?

Read about Fonix's VoiceCenter here.


At 7:12 AM, Blogger Sheth Raxit said...

As Opera (& MSFT )has this announcement on Opera Browser SDK for WinCE :

Fonix has this ,
http://www.fonix.com/fonix/recentNews2.php?objid=312 ,
which is likely to be result in Voice-Navigated games (i am confused it would be PC game or Handheld device game), But seems to be interesting...Isn't it ?


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